Ahh, life with braces can be a challenging time in your life. Over the years, seeing the dentist or orthodontist have become one of the most dreaded visits. However, our dedicated staff at Align Orthodontics do our best to make your orthodontist experience as painless as possible. No, you might not be jumping for joy about braces, but don’t worry, they won’t last forever! Remind yourself that at the end of the process, you’ll be left with straighter, better aligned teeth. It’ll all be worth it, but in the meantime – you may be looking for some helpful tips to get you through some issues you might face while having braces. We’ve seen a thing or two through many of our patients’ experiences (and our own) and have gathered some crucial life hacks we think would benefit anyone with braces or prepping for braces. For any unexpected mishaps, make sure you call us to get everything squared away for you! Keep reading to find out more about our helpful tips for braces.

Brace yourself!! (pun intended) 😛


food stuck in braces

1. Getting food out of your braces

Food can get stuck easily in your teeth when you have braces, especially between the brackets. Trying to remove the food stuck in your teeth with braces when there aren’t any toothpicks available can be quite the challenge, and traditional flossing is just nearly impossible. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Just fill a glass with some water and swish it around in your mouth. This should help remove the remaining food stuck in your teeth and leave behind a nice bright smile. Another trick to remove food from your teeth and braces is to keep water picks handy to reach deep into the crevices between your teeth and braces. A good tip is to carry a small travel-sized toothbrush with you in your bag or pocket and slip into the bathroom after a big meal to make sure you’re in the clear!


2. Reduce soreness in your teeth

First getting your braces on or getting your braces tightened can leave your teeth feeling uncomfortably sore and sensitive to the touch. Drinking something cold, such as an iced drink or smoothie can help relieve the pressure on your teeth and ease the soreness. Another popular household remedy to ease soreness is by rinsing your mouth vigorously with warm saltwater (1 teaspoon salt + 8 ounces warm water). Your teeth can be sore up to a few days after your orthodontist visit, so make sure you eat soft foods that easier on your teeth and gums in the meantime such as soup, mashed potatoes, and pudding. Avoid hard or crunchy foods that may trigger your soreness or pain. Remember, the pain is only temporary! It should dissipate within a few days, so hang tight and be patient. If you feel the pain is too unbearable, taking pain-relief medication can be a good option for you before your appointment to ease any potential discomfort during the process.


3. Carry Wax

Encountering a loose bracket, wire, or band can be the culprit to cause uncomfortable rubbing cuts in your cheeks, gum sores, and other mouth irritations. Be prepared! Carry wax with you everywhere you go in your pocket or bag. You can ask for some wax from your orthodontist, they will usually provide you some with options of different flavors. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, possibly making the situation worse, you can simply apply some wax over the sharp edge for a quick temporary fix, and call to book a repair visit with us at Align Orthodontics.


whiten teeth

4. Whiten Your Teeth

You may notice your teeth may start to yellow if you do not properly care for your teeth, especially when you have braces. Try to avoid drinking coffee, teas, and foods that are acidic or sugary because they are easy causes of teeth staining. However, if you decide that you must have your caffeine fix at all costs, there is a solution! Just make sure you thoroughly rinse your mouth with some water after drinking coffee or tea to reduce chances of staining. Choosing the right colors for your braces can also make your teeth appear whiter! Try choosing darker colors such as blue, purple, or dark green or combining dark and light colors to brighten the look of your teeth. Using a quality brand toothpaste also plays an essential role to a whiter smile.


5. DO NOT miss your routine appointments

Yes, we all dread showing up to our monthly appointments to get our teeth tightened! We can make up every excuse under the sun to convince our parents not to force us to get our braces tightened in hopes of avoiding the inevitable soreness that follows the next few days.  Not so fast. There are major consequences. You may not be aware that you have to make up for all the visits you miss. That’s right. Every single visit plays in the process, with every tightening subtly yet progressively working to create your perfect smile. Every appointment you miss causes a delay in production and will only end up forcing you to keep your braces on longer.



If you have braces or are interested in getting braces, make sure you schedule your next orthodontist appointment with Align Orthodontics to guarantee a more pleasant experience in your journey to getting the smile you deserve. We hope that the life hacks listed above will help make this process a smoother one! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to play an important part of your journey to a brighter, healthier smile. We work hard to change the bad stigma on orthodontist visits, one patient at a time. Cheers!