Ceramic Brackets (Clear Braces) - Align OrthodonticsCeramic braces utilize less noticeable brackets for patients concerned about the appearance of their smile. Ceramic brackets are translucent, so they blend in with your natural tooth color. This means that, unlike traditional stainless metal braces, ceramic braces won’t make your smile look “metallic.”

In the past, tooth-colored brackets were made out of plastic, which would become stained. The newer brackets used today are made out of a ceramic material – not plastic – so that they won’t stain or discolor over long periods of time.

While they are visually less prominent, ceramic braces are larger and more brittle than their metal counterparts. In our office we can show you models of all of the different kinds of brackets and determine which is best for you.

If you’re going for the clearest possible alternative, we do offer Invisalign aligners which are completely clear.