Dr. Henry uses the Twin Block appliance to correct some overbites. The Twin Block appliance is a removable appliance, and its high comfort level allows you to wear it 24 hours a day. This appliance actually is made up of two separate appliances that work together as one. The upper plate includes an optional expansion screw to widen your upper arch, if needed, as well as pads to cover your molars. The lower plate includes pads to cover your lower bicuspids. These two appliances interlock at an angle, and they move your lower jaw forward and lock it into the ideal position when you bite together. This new position, while temporary, will eventually become the permanent corrected position.

Twin Block Appliance MouthInitially, the appliance may feel a little uncomfortable. Any sore spots will usually go away as you get used to your appliance. If discomfort persists, please call our office for an appointment. You may notice that you produce more saliva at first, but this sensation will soon subside. The Twin Block appliance has been described as the most comfortable and the most aesthetic of all the appliances. You should be able to speak normally, and easily move your tongue, lips and jaws.

Dr. Henry typically uses the Twin Block appliance for 12 months. Wear the appliance full time, except when eating, brushing your teeth, swimming or participating in contact sports. The more you wear the Twin Block, the faster you will achieve results. The appliance must be worn a minimum of 18 hours per day, seven days a week. It is especially important to wear the appliance while sleeping.

When the blocks are not in the mouth, store your appliance in a plastic box to protect it from breakage. DO NOT wrap the Twin Block appliance in a tissue or napkin, as many appliances have been accidentally thrown away this way. If your appliance breaks or becomes distorted contact us immediately.

Continue to practice good oral hygiene:

  • Brush your appliance, teeth and gums thoroughly at least twice a day.
  • Use the fluoride mouth rinse daily.
  • Remember to visit your family dentist regularly.
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