Mouthwash (Fluoride Rinse)

fluoride mouthwash rinsePart of taking care of your braces is making sure the teeth that they sit on don’t rot away and decay.

What’s a great way to help prevent tooth decay and oral issues such as gum disease? A mouthwash, but not just any rinse, specifically one with fluoride. Dr. Henry recommends using a fluoride based mouthwash rinse at night before bedtime. This helps strengthen the teeth for both kids and adults, and prevents decalcification of the teeth.

Don’t have a flouride rinse? No worries, we will provide you with your first bottle of fluoride rinse when your braces are placed. Please swish fluoride in your mouth for at least one minute and then spit out. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after a fluoride treatment.



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