Uniqueness of Our OfficeUniqueness of Our OfficeUniqueness of Our OfficeUniqueness of Our Office - Align OrthodonticsUniqueness of Our Office

Experienced Doctor: Dr. Henry is Board Qualified, a member of the AAO, has 33 years experience and stays up-to-date on all the latest technologies and improvements in the orthodontics field. He has taught orthodontics at the graduate level in association with the Roth/Williams program.

Preferred by Dentists: Dr. Henry is the preferred orthodontist in this area for dentist’s family members (he has treated over 40 DDS or DDS family members). He has a fantastic reputation in the community.

Best Brackets: We use the smallest, most comfortable, and quickest-treatment brackets, wires, and appliances available.

In-House X-Ray Facility: We take all diagnostic records here in our office (patient does not have to go to an offsite x-ray lab at any time).

Progress Records: We routinely take progress records to make sure roots are straight and teeth are as perfectly positioned as possible. Many offices skip this step.

Post-Treatment Conferences: We hold a post-treatment-conference to make sure patients/parents are completely satisfied with the result. At this conference, we routinely hear that patients and parents are thrilled with the quality of the result as well as the length of time in treatment and processes. This step also aids in retention for our patients.

Single Office: Dr. Henry practices out of his one orthodontic office in Poway rather than having multiple offices in various locations, which means he is much more available for regular and emergency appointments.

Shuttle: We are the only orthodontist in our area to offer a shuttle van to and from every school in the Poway Unified School District (PUSD).

Experienced Assistants: Every assistant is an RDA and has over 10 years experience in the orthodontic field.

Hygiene Conscious: Because we care about the health of teeth, we emphasize oral hygiene by:

  • Providing fluoride rinse when the patient starts treatment
  • Painting sealant on front of teeth
  • Using fluoride-releasing adhesive
  • Making hygiene fun with our token prize program

High Tech Procedures: We use a hospital type sterilization system for all instruments.