Entrance to our office



Front Desk

Check in at the front desk using the touch screen welcome monitor.


After checking in

After you check in, head down the hall past the care station (where we have wax, brushes, floss threaders, etc. to keep you comfortable) to the brushing sinks.


  • Check In Areas
  • Check In Area

Waiting Room

Enjoy one of our 8 high-def televisions or play the Nintendo while waiting, though you won’t have to wait long. Our goal is to see each patient within 10 minutes of their scheduled appointment time and we never double-book appointments.


Treatment Areas

We have four open treatment areas, or if you like a little more privacy, we have one station that is separate.

  • Treatment Areas
  • Private Treatment Area

On-site X-ray Lab

We take all diagnostic records here in our office (patients do not have to go to an offsite x-ray lab at any time).


Sterilization System

We use a hospital-type sterilization system to sterilize all of our instruments between every patient. We use disposable materials when possible and our sterilization systems are tested monthly by an independent biological monitoring service.


Consultation room

At the initial appointment, we will do a comprehensive orthodontic exam and evaluation in our consultation room.

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