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I am thankful to Dr Henry & team for the beautiful smile they brought on my face after the orthodontic treatment at his office. It was quite a long journey of 6 years and Dr Henry & his staff did an excellent job, working through the complexities of my case patiently and diligently to show me light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Henry is very talented and has a great attitude towards his patients, there was another Dr. outside of CA who actually mentioned I would need a surgery however Dr. Henry proved otherwise and walked me through a less invasive path. Thank you Dr. Henry and team for the success with this procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Henry as an orthodontist for your family. Best wishes.

five_stars9/10/2018 – Anitha C.


Dr. Henry and his staff are the best!! Couldn’t be happier with the professional service or the personal experience our son received while a patient.

five_stars8/23/2018 – Kristin T.


five_stars8/6/2018 – Mary K.


Dr. Henry and his staff are absolutely very, very best. When I was a teenager I had my teeth fixed by Dr. Henry, he took on the challenge that most orthodontist did not want to do and could not do it that time. Dr. Henry fixed my teeth and still to this day, I get compliments on how beautiful and amazing my teeth look and it has been over 20 years. When I realized that my daughter was going to need braces the first thing I did was check to see if Dr. Henry was still practicing and I was absolutely ecstatic to find out that he was still practicing in the same office as when I saw him over 20 years before! 2 1/2 years later my daughter has gotten her braces off and, of course, her teeth look better than I ever imagined they could! Every single office visit that she had was a great experience by him and his staff. I am so fortunate that Dr. Henry was still practicing wihen my daughter needed braces and I would recommend him and his staff over ANY other orthodontist now and forever! Thank you so much Dr. Henry for not only fixing my teeth over 20 years ago, but doing such an amazing job fixing my daughter’s teeth. She will have a lifetime of healthy teeth and an absolutely perfect smile!

five_stars8/6/2018 – Kelly B.


five_stars6/6/2018 – Glennis S.


five_stars5/7/2018 – Kim J.


five_stars5/7/2018 – Bok Su L.


Dr Henry and the staff where and are awesome! They made my experience as an adult so fun and always friendly and lively the moment to go thru their doors! Extremely helpful, concerned and just always each and every visit so pleasant!

five_stars8/6/2018 – Jane Z.


Very warm and welcoming. Great atmosphere!

five_stars4/6/2018 – Shane B.


Dr. Henry and his staff are simply A-MA-ZING! Whenever I would arrive, I was greeted with a smile. Everyone was friendly, patient, and gracious! I enjoyed the experience because they made it worthwhile. I love my new smile! Thank you guys so very much!!! 😉

five_stars4/6/2018 – P. Ballard


Very professional and a very friendly atmosphere. Most knowledgeable Orthodontist I’ve met.

five_stars8/6/2018 – John S.


Align Orthodontics is the place to go if you are looking for excellent quality service.

The staff is extremely friendly and smiley and so good with kids. Dr.Henry is an excellent professional, very friendly too.

five_stars8/6/2018 – Simone B.


All of our FIVE children had orthodontic work from Dr. Henry. Our last one just got his braces off and we are forever grateful to Dr. Henry and his staff for over 20 years of dedicated and professional service to our family. We’re all smiles!

five_stars12/6/2017 – Laura R.


Both my kids and I have been in Dr. Henry’s care over the last 10 years. (My husband is next!) He is extremely knowledgeable about orthodontia, and he answers all of your questions.This practice is really careful to ensure that you’re getting the best care- even if it means extending treatment. In my case, we did several months of study before even beginning treatment so that we could have the best course of action for my specific problem.I wouldn’t ever trust any practice to give the level of care that I’ve received. The staff is extremely friendly and caring as well. They do their best to accommodate schedules.

five_stars12/6/2017 – Arlene A.


Dr. and staff are top notch, if you go any where else, you’ve been warned. I don’t know why you would go any where else for your kids braces. Total professional, total customer service oriented. This is how you run a business.

five_stars12/6/2017 – Wayne S.


My kids and I have gone to Dr. Henry’s office for 10+ years. We LOVE Dr. Henry and his entire staff. The are amazing, highly recommend!!

five_stars11/5/2017 – Sherri D.


Great experience. Wonderful staff.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Sherri D.


This office presents beautifully both visually and with staff kindness. While they take time to individually meet with you to explain baseline and a plan of care–I mostly, appreciated my most recent experience with Cheryl. While I know as a business, it is always desirable and important to “Make a sale” ….she went out of her way to present all options to my family so we could make the best choice in care and finance for my family’s current needs (an option which did not even involve them even though they could have offered the same treatment). She even went the extra effort to both call and efficiently follow-up with another office to see if my insurance would cover a treatment with them. This made a huge impression–as honesty in life and practice seems to be lacking in many places in our world today. I really appreciated the fact that she went out of her way to gain information and inform me so I could make the best possible decision or my family.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Mark R.


Friendly staff!

five_stars9/6/2017 – Sarah R.


five_stars9/6/2017 – Seiko S.


Great doctor…Great service …Great staff…I strongly recommend Dr Henry (Align Orthodontics) if anyone wants to try braces option for their kids.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Srinivas K.


I first brought my daughter, age 4 (now age 10) to Dr. Henry upon referral from office manager at our dentist, Oak Tree Dental. She had brought her granddaughter to Dr. Henry and was absolutely pleased beyond belief with him. Out of 3 Poway orthodontists I brought her to for free consult, Dr. Henry was the only one whose consult, behavior and exam were 100% professional and included computerized pictorial/graphic illustration of what goes on with teeth/gums/jaw as child grows and goes through different tooth phases. I was highly impressed. The other two rushed thru what one could barely call an exam, gave no computerized presentations, and one even acted like Bozo the Clown in extreme fake hallucinatory happiness to show I assume how good he was with kids. I was not at all impressed especially upon his few-second/bare-bones exam of her mouth. Dr. Henry on the other hand took a good amount of time examining my daughter, which her problems included genetic underbite (e.g., “Dudley Doowright” jaw) one could easily see progressing. He said to come back for free consult every 6 months, which I did, until he determined orthodontia treatment was appropriate to begin. One orthodontist wanted to see her every 6 months at $50 per consult. I believe he began her orthodontia treatment at age 6 or 7. I can no longer even notice her underbite. She also had overcrowding of permanent teeth residing inside upper gums, which he has had to address. He really knows his specialty well and has progressed her to different kinds of retainers after necessary time spent in braces. He is polite, courteous, kind, gentle, caring, and generous and allowed us to be put on a timely generous payment plan. His facility is A+ in terms of staff servicing, cleanliness and utmost professionalism with a very pleasant, kid-friendly lobby and patient-reward-building system. My daughter knows she has very nice-looking teeth, which helps boost her self-esteem and personal manner into being a person who does not hesitate to smile and smile big. Dr. Henry has been a hugely positive influence in her and our lives, and I do not know what kind of unprofessional orthodontist I would have had to go with had I not met him and witnessed his hugely professional manner from start to finish during our first free consultation. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I am an information-gatherer and micromanager of our health affairs, and Dr. Henry’s extreme level of expertise has taken the burden off me of thinking I must keep a constant eye on his orthodontic treatments and plans and alleviated me of a wheelbarrel full of questions I would normally regularly be asking regarding health care of myself or any of my family members.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Pokey


I can’t say enough good things about Dr Henry and his staff! From the excellent care, to the shuttle that picks my kids up from school for their monthly adjustments… all our kids will be future patients and I would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Lee G.


Dr. Henry and his staff are wonderful!! Every person I have come in contact with in that office (from the sweet lady at the front who books the appointments to the doctor himself) has been so friendly and professional. I have had the best experience. He uses state of the art technology so you can see the entire process before you begin treatment. He thoroughly explains everything and gives you plenty of time to ask questions to make sure that you are comfortable. I have never had to wait for an appointment either! Best of all, my teeth look so much better and I am only 8 weeks into treatment! I would highly recommend Dr. Henry!

five_stars9/6/2017 – Madison B.


Excellent work and attention to detail. Dr. Henry and his team are fantastic in their craft and made me feel like family. The office of Dr. Henry accommodated my schedule when I would have time conflicts, were focused on my orthodontic treatment to ensure the best results, and overall exceptional. If you are considering braces, youth and/or adults, Align Orthodontics is the place.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Jesús M.


five_stars9/6/2017 – Crisselda V.


Dr. Henry and staff provide the best orthodontic care around. Dr. Henry’s expertise is second to none. His office manager Cheryl is warm, professional and extremely detail-oriented. All of his office staff are friendly and kind and made my son, who is very shy, feel at ease. I recommend the office to everyone.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Mark V.


I was referred by my coworker to Dr. Henry office. I called and they were able to find the same day appointment for me. The office is clean, beautiful, and equipped with latest technology. During my first visit, they did exam, took X-rays and photos for future treatment. People who work there are professional and very nice. I am looking forward to my next appointment where we will go over the treatment and financial options.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Ilmira W.


Professional, friendly and thorough with respect to explaining the evaluation details.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Sonja A.


I was impressed. Very professional, clean and fun for the kids. My kids are very excited for their next visit.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Thais D.


We are so thankful to Dr. Henry and his staff for allowing our daughter to transfer to his care from her previous orthodontist that passed away while in mid-treatment. During this stressful time, Dr. Henry was very kind in accepting the treatment plan and original payment plan at the point of transfer. This really lightened our financial burden, as other practices were quoting significant additional fees to assume her treatment. The care my daughter received at Align Orthodontics was top notch and she has a beautiful smile today because of Dr. Henry and his wonderful team. I highly recommend Align Orthodontics. Dr. Henry not only does excellent work but is a kind and compassionate man as well. Thank you Dr. Henry and team!

five_stars9/6/2017 – Kathy  B.


The work Dr. Henry and his complete staff has been exceptional in all respects from the initial consultation to the achievement of the beautiful results. He and his staff are very friendly, thorough, professional and produce perfect results.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Gaylord H.


five_stars9/6/2017 – Manikandan K.


Great customer service and level of professionalism.

five_stars9/6/2017 – Rosa C.


Everyone should check out Braces By Henry! Clean and pristine and definitely a good place and vibe!

five_stars9/6/2016 – Chelsea F.


Dr Henry and the staff is amazing. I got my braces off a long time ago and recently lost my retainer.
They were able to take impressions and get me a new set quickly.
Their new office is amazing as well.
Great Staff, Environment, and Quality… Highly Recommended!!

five_stars9/7/2015 – Nathan L.


Dr. Henry is absolutely wonderful– he’s very warm, gentle, and is very good at what he does. I have an incredibly difficult time getting impressions done, but both he and his staff were very patient and they made the process a lot easier for me. Great results too, highly recommend!!

five_stars9/7/2015 – Anh L.


When I was looking for an orthodontist in Poway to finally get my teeth adjusted I asked some friends who had recommended this place after being patients here. One of them had braces, while the other got invisalign and both of their smiles were looking great so I gave them a shot and I couldn’t have been happier with the results!
Overall, Dr. Henry & his staff were very friendly, genuine, and knowledgable. I enjoyed the fact that appointments were easy to make and wait times were short. Not to mention, they have a pretty cool office with an oceany San Diego vibe 🙂
With that said, I definitely recommend Align Orthodontics to all other adults or kids alike!

five_stars9/7/2015 – Melissa M.


Wonderful experience! Everyone was friendly, professional & welcoming. Didn’t feel like just another patient coming in. Awesome Results.

five_stars9/7/2015 – Robert H.


Dr. Henry’s office is wonderful! Their entire staff are very friendly. Both my boys and myself have been treated by Dr. Henry. It’s always a joy to see the staff and catch up with each other. Dr. Henry is very funny and easy to talk to. He makes a point to get to know the person as a whole, not just their treatment. Highly recommend them to anyone!

five_stars8/9/2013 – Nathan


My daughter came to Dr. Henry on a referral for a 12 molar that was coming in sideways. While we were there, Dr. Henry identified a prominent tongue issue that was causing problems with her teeth. He referred us to an excellent orofacial myologist. We will back to for braces to pull up the molar and correct her smile. Great office!

five_stars7/11/2013 – Shelby B.


Dr. Henry and his fantastic staff continue to deliver outstanding care and treatment in a very friendly and professional environment.

five_stars7/18/2013 – Anonymous


I love Dr. Henry and his staff! My kids were both told by other dentists/orthodontists they would need braces so when we started seeing Dr. Henry in 2008, I was prepared for the same news. I appreciate Dr. Henry not rushing to get braces on either of my children but suggesting alternatives such as retainers and pulling a few baby teeth. Now 5 years later they have straighter teeth and still no braces. Recently, I was most impressed with Dr. Henry when my daughter’s retainer broke at school. I called and the office was closed but Dr. Henry came in on his day off to fix my daughter’s retainer! First class treatment, the staff is wonderful, very accomodating, we never wait more than a few minutes, we are always in/out for checkups and easy to schedule appointments with. I recommend Dr. Henry to everyone!

five_stars7/19/2013 – Anonymous


Awesome and professional staff! Friendly and welcoming environment for client. Excellent service and treatment. Rewarding results, Thank you

five_stars7/24/2013 – Anonymous


Dr. Henry is by far the best orthodontist in this city. He is not one of those doctors who puts everyone in braces for years and years. Our daughters have averaged 18 months in braces and their teeth look incredible after the treatment. Dr. Henry and his entire staff have always treated all of us warmly and with respect from the very beginning.

five_stars4/10/2013 – Anonymous


We’ve always enjoyed our visits at Dr. Henry’s. The office staff is very courteous, and there is virtually never a long wait. The office is pleasant and clean.

five_stars7/24/2013 – Anonymous


Dear Dr. Henry and Staff, Thank you so much for taking my braces off, and so carefully, yesterday. I am elated to see the end result – you all are really good at this! See you Friday for the retainer.

five_stars12/06/2011 – Heather, Ramona


Dear Doctor Henry and Staff, Thank you all so much for my beautiful smile! You guys were all so friendly to me, and always helpful, and always there for me whenever I needed it. You made going to the orthodontist a pleasurable thing for me. You guys are awesome! Many thanks.

five_stars11/6/2012 – Sarah, Rancho Santa Fe


Dear Steve, I love my new smile, thank you so much! Please pass along my sincere gratitude to your wonderful staff. It has been so nice to have all my orthodontic needs taken care of right there in your office. And everyone is so friendly and professional too. This has been quite a journey – one that I didn’t think I would ever get to take. After we got the kid’s teeth straightened out I thought I was too old to have a turn. But because of your encouragement I was willing to give it a try. And I am so glad I did. Not only do I love how nice and straight my teeth are now, but I found out there were some extra side benefits too. For example, my teeth are easier to take care of and I’m far more diligent about doing so because of the way I feel about them. I haven’t missed a single day of flossing ever since you put those braces on my crowded teeth. And now that the braces are off, brushing and flossing are a breeze. So I’m smiling a lot more these days, and loving every minute of it. And when you work with lots of people as you and I do that’s a big bonus. Thanks, Steve, for straightening me out!

five_stars2/29/2013 – Evan, Rancho Santa Fe


I found Dr. Henry online a couple of years ago and decided to do a consultation with them and a couple other orthodontists in San Diego. Their office and staff seemed to be both my daughters favorite as well as mine so we decided to go with them. Our family insurance doesn’t really cover much for dental, but Cheryl was able to accept our insurance and get us a very good price.

The appointments were easy to make and we were in and out fast!

The treatment only took a year and a half. My daughter and I both LOVE the results!

Something I also learned recently, which was kinda cool is that they have a shuttle available to and from school so that you can drop off your child in the morning to get an adjustment, then they will take them to
school. I’ll probably use this for my next little one.

five_stars4/18/2013 – Becky, Rancho Bernardo


I had a friend refer me to this place as I needed braces and he said this place does excellent work.

I got braces relatively late compared to most people so I did not know what to expect. At first I was unsure about what I was doing but they made me feel very comfortable and helped a lot with all the options and what I was looking at. The prices were great and I could tell they knew what they were doing.

I ended up getting braces for about 2 years and too my surprise I actually did not grudge going in for my adjustments. The staff is very friendly and my teeth look amazing now!!

From their professionalism to their great service I HIGHLY recommend!.

five_stars11/6/2012 – Henry, Rancho Bernardo


Got braces in high school and didn’t really care who I went to. I went to someone who was referred to me and liked the turn out of my teeth. But little did I know that my imperfect bite would later affect my whole mouth.

I got TMJ about  5 years later because of the improper correction of my teeth. Got my TMJ fixed and was instructed to get braces again to fix what wasn’t fixed the first time I had got braces years ago.

I got my braces the 2nd time by Dr. Henry. He was sensitive to my TMJ that just got corrected and properly treated me as needed. He did a great job and now I will never have to go through braces again!

five_stars5/22/2013 – Jasmin, Rancho Bernardo


Dear Dr. Henry and Staff, Thanks so much for your patience, kindness, and great work — we have known you for over nine years and we still laugh at Dr. Henry’s jokes!! Again, thanks for our beautiful smiles!!

five_stars11/2/2009 – Ilene, Rancho Bernardo


Dear Dr. Henry and Staff, Thank-you for giving Jodi a beautiful smile!! Thank you for all your time and effort and showing that you care for your patients!

five_stars8/18/2012 – Anonymous


Dr. Henry and staff, Thanks for everything you have done for me over the past two years. I love my teeth! Thanks

five_stars6/29/2012 – Nikki, Carmel Mountain Ranch


Thank you for all of your help and support with my braces, helping me through the whole process.

five_stars2/21/2013 – Your friend, Travis, Rancho Bernardo


Dear Dr. Henry and your wonderful staff, Thank you so much for taking good care of me and daughter. Going through the ortho treatment was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. All of you guys have made this journey a very pleasant experience. I’ll be happy to refer my friends and patients to your office. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

five_stars7/16/2011 – Irina, Rancho Bernardo


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