Self-Ligating Braces (Damon-style Braces) - Align OrthodonticsSelf-Ligating Braces (Damon-style Braces)

A relatively new design has emerged that eliminates the need for ligatures. Instead of tying the wire to the bracket with a rubber or metal tie, these brackets have small doors that open to put the wire in and then shut closed over the wire. The new technology reduces the friction between the bracket and wire.

Although studies have not shown any significant benefit in these new brackets in terms of comfort, treatment time, or time between appointments, compared to traditional metal braces, they do shorten the actual amount of time the patient is in the orthodontists chair at each appointment. They also make it a little easier to clean your teeth. Some patients prefer a rubber tie for comfort or just for fun (the rubber ties on braces can be colored) and we are happy to put the ties on your braces, even if we’re using the self-ligating brackets that don’t require them.