orthodontic staff appreciation week

As a valued patient of Align Orthodontics, we invite you to join us in observing Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week, June 6-10, 2016. Our staff serve an integral role in this practice’s success in providing excellent patient care, and we want to let them know their commitment and efforts do not go unnoticed!

How can you join the celebration? It’s actually quite simple. An email, Facebook post or even a simple thank-you during your next visit – anything to let our staff know they are appreciated. Please consider sharing your thoughts or a story about your interaction with our staff using any of these contact methods:

Email: info@alignorthosd.com

Website: www.alignorthosd.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BracesByHenry

I hope you feel as strongly as I do, that we have the best staff around! I love this team and feel privileged to work with them every day!


Dr. Henry