Patient Spotlight - Meredith K

Having wonderful patients who achieve amazing things really warms our hearts and propels them to our Patient Spotlight. A shining example of this is our former patient, Meredith Kolod, who was awarded the Breaking Away Award of Excellence by KUSI for positively impacting the lives of many children and the community with her non-profit, the Star Repertory Theatre.

Thank you for owning the spotlight and sharing it with others! We are proud to have treated her and her whole family here, including the youngest daughter currently in treatment.


In 2012, Meredith Kolod, with the help of her husband, Scott, founded Star Repertory Theatre to provide opportunities for their daughter, who discovered theatre when she was 4 years old. They also involved their parents and their son, and created a multi-generation project which their kids wish to grow up and take over after college.

They provide the opportunity for all people, both young and old, to grow in the performing arts. Meredith, specifically, has given selflessly and worked insane hours to grow their theatre company to its present size, with more than 500 young people benefitting, from classes to taking roles in their half dozen productions each year.

These reasons, and so many more, are why KUSI and Torrey Pines Bank are presenting Meredith, the CFO of Star, with the Breaking Away Award of Excellence.

The incredible thing about this community theatre is that there are no limitations for everyone to meet their potential. There are scholarships and there are two, three, sometimes four strings of casts so that everyone gets a chance to shine. This is their most sought after characteristic that sets them apart from other companies. Although very worthwhile, it’s their biggest challenge to maintain and accommodate everyone in each one. Best of all, it’s truly non-profit; none of the staff gets paid for their efforts. They’re genuinely in this business for the people of San Diego.

This hardworking woman has led her family to touch the lives of countless people by inspiring the community as well as their participants, by staging musicals around the county that entertain and enlighten. Until this year, Scott and Meredith have run Star Repertory Theatre predominantly from their home. They are now owners of a new theatre in Escondido from which they can offer classes and stage plays as well. “It’s a beautiful thing to help these kids with their public speaking and confidence,” Meredith tells us. She tells us about how each child blossoms from being shy and wanting to stay in the background, to taking on lead roles.

“I want to continue to touch children’s lives and give people the love of theatre that we have,” Meredith explains the legacy she’s leaving behind. “I was an odd kid, I played the classical violin for 15 years, so this is a place where all odd kids can feel like they’ve found a home and a family.”

If you’d like to see one of many Star productions, you can see Shrek this weekend Dec. 10-13 at the Center of the Arts in Escondido. In March, they’re thrilled to be performing The Little Mermaid and the Lyceum Theatre in Downtown San Diego.

We are pleased to offer recognition to this tremendous not-for-profit theatre company and invite you and anyone you know to get involved or donate at